I'm confident that you as an FBA seller has encountered this issue of buying inventory and getting stuck after purchasing the stock and while creating the FBA shipment you get a notification message saying the item you are trying to send into Amazon Warehouse falls under Hazmat and Amazon requires you to send in additional info.

Now you're stuck either selling the stock on eBay or returning it to your supplier which is not always possible and requires a lot of your wasted time. We all been there and its the most annoying thing and I'm sure it adds friction to your business.

Now take the same product and list it as a Merchant Fulfilled listing and only buy it once it sells. This is the benefit of using the dropshipping model!

When all your FBA competitors start selling less electronic items in the Toy and Electronic category due to the lithium battery restrictions you can still hold your ground using ArbitrageBoss and still carry on with sales.

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