Below you will see a update from regarding an extended return policy for 4th Querter

For any product purchased on Amazon between 1st October 2020 - 31st December 2020 can be returned for a refund up to 31st January 2021.

Amazon is working hard this Q4 to ensure that every penny of Q4 money is being spent by customers on Amazon.

Their advertising campaigns have changed to ensuring that they are targeting people on value!

This returns period will be unbeatable!

The other retailers DO NOT STAND A CHANCE!!!

Amazon will be DOMINATING this Q4!

Many of you I am sure will be thinking "great, extended returns means more refunds"

However I don't tend to look at it this way!


I think Amazon has spotted that things are going to be tough for families this Q4 and therefore they might need to start buying earlier in order to spread the cost of spending.

By offering this "cushion" to their customers, it gives customers the reassurance and peace of mind knowing that they can make their purchases early and if they are not suitable then return them for a full refund.

In all my years of experience of selling on Amazon and also through other channels including through my distribution company let me offer reassurance to you that extended returns periods are rarely used.

It's a marketing strategy!

It's all about buyer psychology!

Yes if something breaks of course that's different but there is a good chance you will be able to return this to your supplier/retailer that you purchased from because they might have had an extended return period in place when you purchased.

Believe me this is a good thing and it supports the theory that I think that Q4 will be starting early this year!

"Dear Selling Partner,

In anticipation of customers shopping early for Christmas, we have temporarily extended the return window of our returns policy for orders on,,,,,, and

The Amazon Extended Christmas Returns Policy for 2020 ( requires that most orders delivered between October 1 and December 31 (inclusive) be returnable until January 31, 2021. This policy includes orders that are shipped by you and orders that are shipped by Amazon.

Although the return window for most orders is extended, it can vary by category. You can see the return deadline in each category on our Returns Help page.

Read our Returns policy for more information:

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Amazon Services Europe"