Below are some great ideas to increase profit and ensure maximum customer satisfaction from your Customers.  Please feel free to email any suggestions you have and we will gladly add them to the list.

1. Please read the website

  • Please study the website carefully before subscribing or sending us an E-mail. We are always happy to help, but 80% of questions asked over the phone or by email are listed on the How Dropshipping Works page of our website. If you find the information here, it means we can answer questions that are not on the website more quickly and efficiently.

2. Sell Multiple Items:

  • You can increase value and offer cheaper postage costs if you sell more than one item to the same customer. For example: Sell 10 packs of incense and a holder instead of 1 pack of incense.  Make up gift sets such as Mugs and Teapots from our Ceramic range, Jewellery Sets with a gift box. This will increase your average sale price, and bring in more profit per order.  Also remember that the maximum shipping cost of your supplier, this means on large orders you can also make a little on the shipping, or offer great value to your customers.

3.Sell Your Items in More Than One Place:

  • Everybody knows about the success of Ebay & Amazon, and indeed some of our most successful dropshippers use it and other auction sites. However Ebay is competitive and Amazon Buy Box Strategy will allow you to sell more and also the more channels you have to sell products, the more you will sell. Many people build their own website, which allows them to sell our products at a limited cost.  Other people sell from home using methods such as Party Plan. It really is up to you where you sell, but the most successful dropshippers tend to use a combination of all the above.

4. Don't give up:

  • We have had some subscribers join our service, list 1 or 2 items on ebay and not get what they expected to get, and have then given up. This is something we don't want to see, in fact we want all our dropshippers to make a substantial profit in their first year. Please remember, you could have just chosen the wrong product, or been unlucky that there were no customers looking for that particular product on that day. Remember our top drop shippers are doing 4-6 figure monthly turnovers.

5. Get ungated in many categories on Amazon

  • Before you start your ungating journey, you need to ensure your seller account meets some of Amazon’s minimum requirements.

A Professional Amazon Seller Account

Authorized Wholesalers

Find genuine authorized wholesalers based in your country and not clearance or liquidation sites.

We have a guide here – Finding Wholesale Suppliers and Distributors for Amazon FBA

Original Invoices

Invoices correctly addressed to your Seller Account name and registered address and dated within the last 90 days. Our recommendation is to use very recent invoices. The invoices must not be doctored or altered in any way.

Local Returns Address and Language Support

You must be able to provide a return delivery address in the local country (Amazon provide this if you’re doing FBA). You must be able to provide local language support for customer service in the country in which you wish to sell.

Good Seller Metrics

You need to make sure you have low defect rates, late shipment rates and pre-fulfillment cancel rates. Ideally, an approved seller is on par or better than the following metrics:

  • < 4 % = Late Shipment Rate (LSR)
  • < 2.5 % = Pre-Fulfillment Cancel Rate (PFCR)
  • < 1 % = Order Defect Rate (ODR)

6. Try not to list items that are very Low in Stock:

  • We always try and keep our customers happy - to help us to do this please try not to list items that are very low in stock. Our stock level covers all of our website including our wholesale site.  If it goes out of stock on the dropship site you CANNOT order it regardless of whether we still have 1 or 2 left on our wholesale site.  We keep that stock in case of breakages, that is the reason we have the stock threshold.   If we have sold out of an item after your auction has ended, we will try and offer a suitable alternative, but this might not be enough for your customer so please keep an eye on stock levels.

7. Build the cost of shipping into the goods:

  • Some items, for example Garden Stone Heads, are very cheap to buy, but can be expensive to ship due to their weight, with Arbitrage Boss you can automate this process.

8. Pay by Credit/Debit Card that offers cash back

  • Using American Express can add tromendous extra profits annually to your income. Sign up here

9. Order Status

  • When you place an order you will receive an order confirmation with a unique order number.  Make sure you use a spreadsheet to keep track of all your orders and customer support issues.

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