Obsessed With Automating Profit

Colin Skow
CEO & Lead Developer
Marlou Pereira
Customer Service & Training
Jacques Van Den Berg
Business Development

As a veteran fresh from the trenches of Afghanistan, Marlou quickly found his new life in the trenches of ecommerce. Business boomed, but Marlou found himself increasingly frustrated with the tedious workflow of managing listings. More than a dozen overseas staff were prone to costly mistakes and the existing software solutions lacked reliability and were far from ideal for the dropship model.

After Marlou got together with business automation expert and programming ninja Colin Skow, ArbitrageBoss was born. We made the software specifically for our own business needs, and it worked so well we decided to make it available to other ecommerce entrepreneurs as well.

Our mission is to help you make more profit with less stress by developing world-class business automation software.

Our vision is to shape ArbitrageBoss into the ultimate ecommerce profit automation tool, doing everything possible for you where human decision making is not required.

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